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Welcome to the WallNuts interior painting colour trends page! Below you will find the most popular Benjamin Moore colours, the 2015 Colour Trends catalog and learn about Aura’s full spectrum Colour Stories line.

Aura Colour Stories

Exclusive to Benjamin Moore, Aura colour stories consists of 240 stunning full-spectrum paint colours for your home that change from room to room, wall to wall and during different lighting conditions. Hence the name, the Aura full spectrum colour line tells a colour story and is more than just a colour.

Unlike conventional paint formulas, the Colour Stories pallete does not use black or gray tints. Instead, more pigments—anywhere between five and seven—are incorporated per colour (traditional methods generally utilize three pigments plus black – CMYK). Aura Colour Stories have greater clarity and purity, and are richer and more vibrant. This new palette is only available in Aura interior paints. Because Colour Stories hues are achieved with many pigments, each prescription is very complex and requires paint with a formulation that can easily support the increased pigments. A Colour Stories colour (CSP- colour codes) cannot be mixed in any other paint. Aura applies quickly with excellent flow and self-levelling for a smoother, premium finished look that is re-coat-able in just one hour. Aura is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Aura Colour Lock Technology

Aura® interior paint colours last longer with Colour Lock Technology. This groundbreaking Colour Lock system protects colours from fading and rubbing off-even after repeated washings. The Benjamin Moore Colour Lock system is formulated with proprietary waterborne resins and colourants that lock in colour particles tightly throughout the paint—not just on the surface, like many competitor products. As a result, Aura paint with Colour Lock resists stains and looks freshly-applied for years.

Benjamin Moore Aura® Colour Stories Gallery

Benjamin Moore Popular Colours

The following are Benjamin Moore’s favourite picks from their regular colour lines for your reference before you visit a Benjamin Moore store. It is not advisable to pick a colour for your project off the Internet because of colour calibration differences. Not all monitors and device screens are the same and web images are an RGB colour scheme and not CMYK and special colours. Always, visit a Benjamin Moore store in person and obtain colour swatches, Big Chips if available or small sample cans to test in your home. Colour will be affected by your home’s light, furnishings and decor such as flooring type and colour, natural verses artificial light, types of lighting and types and size of windows.

Popular Whites

simply white (OC-117)

etiquette (AF-50)

navajo white (947)

ancient ivory (935)

frostine (AF-5)

Cloud White (OC-130)

Popular Greys

revere pewter (HC-172)

kendall charcoal (HC-166)

cape may cobblestone (1474)

metropolitan (AF-690)

Coventry Grey (HC-169)

Silver Fox (2108-50)

Popular Neutrals

consentino chardonnay (247)

brandon beige (977)

jonesboro cream (241)

stone house (1039)

interlude (AF-135)

Popular Greens

dune grass (492)

tree moss (508)

sweet daphne (529)

lush (AF-475)

seedling (AF-450)

Popular Blues

serenata (AF-535)

blue nose (1678)

lake placid (827)

gossamer blue (2123-40)

stratford blue (831)

Popular Oranges

bronze tone (2166-30)

soft pumpkin (2166-40)

montana agate (056)

persian melon (117)

etruscan (AF-355)

Popular Purples

blue viola (1424)

queen’s wreath (1426)

african violet (2116-50)

amorous (AF-600)

kalamata (AF-630)

Popular Reds

tea room (AF-270)

mardi gras (1342)

caliente (AF-290)

tucson red (1300)

dinner party (AF-300)

Popular Yellows

hay stack (317)

hawthorne yellow (HC-4)

straw (2154-50)

vellum (207)

honeymoon (AF-345)

Popular Browns

carob (AF-160)

fallen timber (994)

coriander seed (AF-110)

fresh brew (1232)

french press (AF-170)

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Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour Trends Collection.


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