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The following is a list of services Calgary painter services WallNuts provides and does not provide.

What WallNuts does:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Small lacquer repair
  • Small drywall repair
  • Commercial
  • New construction
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Small baseboard and casings repair work
  • Wall paper removal
  • Ceiling texture removal
  • Standard and decorative epoxy
  • Faux finishing
  • Stenciling
  • Custom painted murals
  • Skim coating
  • Stain/Lacquer spray
  • Cabinets/trim/door spray

What WallNuts does not do:

When to book the painter

Often we come across home owners that wish to have their flooring updated and home painted. It is highly recommended that painting is booked after your other renovations are done. Often with new floors, baseboards will need to be removed or new ones will be installed. If your baseboards are standard MDF and are going white (or similar solid colour), then brad nail holes, edges, joins and the tops will need to filled and caulked in prior to painting. For the final result to be the most efficient cost and aesthetics wise, painting is always done last.

In addition to baseboard finish work, flooring installers will often damage newly painted walls removing old flooring and installing new flooring.  Flooring installers will also have to cut and break old baseboards off if the prior installer used adhesives. These types of damage cannot be prevented.


Why we do not accept projects that require scheduling with other trades/contractors

WallNuts does not  accept new construction of contractor lead renovation projects because of scheduling issues. As a painting contractor WallNuts does NOT over book and typically we work from project to project with a day or two off in between, this gives extra time if a project goes over the time that was allotted without causing delays for the next scheduled customers. WallNuts understands that most residential customers have kids and lives they need to arrange to accommodate their home being painted. Unfortunately other trades and general contractors do not work this way and over book projects so they remain busy while waiting for other trades to do work on multiple projects.

WallNuts accepts projects for residential clients where we can set a schedule for the client, and stick to it.


Why we do not lacquer solid colours

WallNuts does not do lacquer spraying for any new woodwork such as baseboards, casings, and frames in solid colours because Calgary does not have the climate. With Calgary humidity wood expands and contracts and because lacquer does not flex it will crack within 1-2 years. This includes all woods and MDF. WallNuts only sprays Waterbourne Alkyd and Acrylic Latex finishes which we can guarantee for five years. WallNuts does however spray lacquers with stains however not in occupied homes.

advance spraying

New MDF sprayed with Benjamin Moore’s Advance Waterbourne Alkyd Paint in Pearl sheen. This product is self-leveling and gives a superb finish both visually and to the touch.




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