Pizza Parlour Makeover

For this project, I was hired for painting in a pizza parlour that was changing ownership and the new owner wanted it to be more modern and cleaned up, however the owner didn’t know what colours to pick so we helped him out by picking the colours for him. We went with a brown colour on the wall as stains would not be as noticeable as white plus it went well with  the new floor tiles the customer had picked out (not installed yet in pictures). We also painted all the window frames and doors black. Again this was to hide stains and scuffs and dirt since the major client here was high school students who were a little rough on the 12 seater place, plus it accented the brown colour and matched the black base vinyl.

First, because this place hadn’t been painted in sometime, I faced the issue of grease build up on the walls and ceiling, so before painting, we patched all nail holes and dings and did a single coat using Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Oil based primer, which dries in about an hour and is coat able with latex. I love the stuff!

I then used SW (Sherwin-Williams) resilience outdoor latex in semi-gloss for the doors and trim and eg-shel (yes, it’s spelt that way) sheen for the walls so it was easier to wash for the owner and staff.

After completion the new owner was very happy with the place.

Note, the white door was replaced as it had a hole, we painted the door prior to it being hung for the customer.





In 2012 we read an article in the Calgary Herald about this little place being raided by police and shut down by the city. Apparently a drug operation was running from it.  oops.