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Cupboard Contractor Repair

One issue we often find is working with other trades that leave problems for the home-owner. On this job ValuePro was hired to do some work on a rental property which included painting the kitchen. However, the prior tenants had a fire so the kitchen cabinets were being replaced under insurance.

The contractor for the cabinets, after they were removed, had instructed the home owner that we should paint after the new cabinets were installed. From the picture below, you can see the contractor left us with a bit of a mess as patching and repair work was required close to the brand new cupboards. In this case, once the old cupboards were removed, we should have been given notice to patch and repair the walls and do a first coat, and then be brought in for a final coat after the cupboards were installed. This contractor though was obviously not concerned that additional costs could fall upon the home-owner. However because this was a repeat customer and a large project, Deb repaired the issues at no charge.






Repair in progress:


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